Ode to Lululemon

By | April 29, 2012

How many times have you been in the following situation: You’re in an exercise class. You’ve spent a ton of dollars on said class. It’s filled with motivated women who want to get a kick-ass workout, just like yourself. You begin stretching, the person in front of you bends over, and you’re totally distracted by her *gasp* visible panties. Gross. You become self-conscious that your yoga pants might be just as thin, revealing the same view to your fellow classmates in rows behind you. Concentration officially thwarted.

With that, a public thank you to the makers of Lululemon:
Dear Lululemon*- Thank you for making yoga pants that make me excited to work out. Also, thank you for making said pants of such excellent quality that I can pretzel, bend, and stretch with confidence. And finally, thank you for cutting them so flatteringly that I want to keep them on for my post-workout dinner date. Love, Mariell.
I’m a fervent believer that being healthy and fit does not need to be an expensive undertaking (though my AmEx bill may not agree with my beliefs system…). However, a pair of Lulu yoga pants is likely one of the best fitness related investments out there. My personal favorites are the Groove Pants and the Wunder Under Crops. Are there other tried and true yoga pants out there that I should try? I’d love to hear your favorites.
*I in no way work for or represent Lululemon. I just really heart their stuff.