Summer of Fitness: Nalini Method

By | June 23, 2012

How cool is this? Every Tuesday in June, July, and August, LOLË and FITiST are teaming up to offer FREE outdoor fitness classes. Each week is a different NYC fitness studio and instructor, and the line-up is freaking stellar. The last meet-up was cancelled due to torrential downpour (get with the program, weather!), so this week’s workout was led by Rupa Mehta, the founder of Nalini Method. So cool!

It was a beautiful evening at Hudson River Park, and Pier 25 was the perfect setting for an outdoor workout. I mean, look at that scenery. It’s the polar opposite of claustrophobia.

Perfect backdrop for a summer workout

Did you know there’s a beach volleyball court in NYC? Tribeca has all kinds of hidden treasure

I got down to the end of the pier, where I signed my waiver and unfurled my yoga mat next to my lovely friend Vanessa. The Nalini Method is a unique workout that combines elements of yoga, pilates, and strength training. Our outdoor class was unique in that there was no barre, nor weights, nor props. Just a yoga mat and good old-fashioned body weight. Given that, I thought the class would be pretty easy. I was pretty wrong.

Rupa led us through an hour of arm lifts, plank poses, lunges, and push-ups. The Nalini Method focuses on sculpting long arms and a firm, high seat. By the end of the class, I was a believer in that promise. The workout definitely targeted my arms, abs, and tush, making me grateful for the generous amount of stretching at the end of class. Rupa’s a fireball of an instructor, and her energy made me really want to try out a “real” class at the UWS studio.

Next week’s meet-up will be led by Kara Liotta from FlyBarre. I’ve taken class with her before, so I know we’re in for a treat. Sounds like fun, right? You should join me! Did I mention it’s FREE?

Any NYC-ers want to join in the fun next time around? Tuesdays, 6:30, Pier 25 in Tribeca. Let me know if you’ll be there!