Mykonos! (Greece part 1)

By | July 19, 2012

While we had an amazing time soaking in all the culture during our Istanbul adventure, we were equally thrilled to make like starships (who were meant to fly) and head to the beach (each) in Greece! The second part of our Eurotrip brought us to Mykonos, where literally every single building is white with blue shutters. Seriously, can you get any cuter? It’s like everyone on the island banded together and pinky swore on matching facades forever and ever.

White buildings. Blue shutters. Pink flowers. I heart Mykonos.

White windmills at Sunset

We knew 2 facts about Mykonos prior to traveling there: 1) It’s beautiful, and 2) Its beaches are some of the best in Greece. (There may have been more knowledge imparted prior to the trip, but those were the only 2 I really cared about.) We were also told that each of the beaches has a slightly different “personality,” meaning that they encourage varying degrees of partying and nudity. Alright.

We decided to rent a fly ride for our 2 days on the island so that we could go beach hopping and sample as many different “personalities” as possible. I do not take the term “fly ride” lightly. This PowerWheels truck bad boy was all ours:

Fly ride :)

So we zoomed off onto Mykonos roads and soon arrived at our first beach, Platis Gialos. It was one of the more tame scenes- just a gorgeous beaches, clear blue ocean, and only light nudity. (I made sure to crop any offending images out of the photos. You’re welcome.) I have no idea how many hours we spent here, since watches are so not welcome on vacation as far as I’m concerned, but they were spent gloriously reading, swimming, and (of course) taking self portraits.

A little later into the the day we puttered zoomed over to Super Paradise Beach, which we were told was THE party beach, and was a must see. Okay, they had a dj spinning Rihanna and Avicii Levels. And yes, there were a couple of nakie Euros dancing around. But other than that, it was just kind of another beautiful beach. Basically. Anyhow, this is how I spent a couple of hours on Super Paradise Beach:

Super relaxing

Crazy, right? As sunset approached the beach party did start to get a little more wild. The unz-unz factor increased, and the dj began to punctuate each song with a loud “MYKONOOOOOOOOOOOOS” battle cry. Yes, my friends, a beach battle cry. Only in Greece…

We loitered around the party for a little while, partly because it was so entertaining to watch, but mostly because we couldn’t bring ourselves to leave this:


Other adventures in Mykonos brought us to Ornos Beach, which I actually think was the most beautiful of all the beaches we visited, and (of course) the only one we forgot to take pictures of. #TerribleBloggerFail. To make it up to you, however, I present real Greek yogurt!!

I wish we had more time in Myknonos… it was heart-wrenching to tear ourselves off of the beach and get on a ferry for a 3 hour boat ride. I pouted and stamped my feet. E looked at me, amused, and reminded me that after those 3 hours were up, we’d be in Santorini. (YAY!) Also, we picked up Greek baklava from a bakery down by the port for an en-ferry-ride snack. Brilliant move. I can always be appeased with the promise of treats.

Chariot/Ferry to Santorini

The final installment of our Eurotrip recap, Santorini, will follow shortly. Also- thanks for indulging me in this trip recap. I’m having so much fun re-living our trip through these blog post, though it’s making me itch to go back to the beach! Hopefully you’re lucky enough to be reading this from a beach chair somewhere- preferably one that didn’t cost 15 Euros to sit in, though. (Greece is expensive, but YOLO…)

Do you have any plans to spend time on a beach this summer? What’s your favorite beach activity? Mine, strangely, is walking the beach to collect sea glass. (I have a minor obsession with finding as many different colors as possible. Does anyone else do this??)