Santorini = Love (Greece part 2)

By | July 26, 2012

The end of my Euro travelogue has finally come, and I suppose I should return to our regularly scheduled health and fitness type posts, since this is ostensibly a healthy living blog. (Oh yea, right.) But first: a glimpse into our too-short time on the so-perfect-it-looks-fake island of Santorini.

It’s interesting that we chose to visit 3 geographically close places that are entirely different from one another. Istanbul was a crazy grid-less city full of interesting sites, sounds, and smells. (Apparently I’m a sensory person.) Mykonos was a relaxing, fun, beach-tastic town. And Santorini? Well, Santorini is just drop dead gorgeous. I’d actually categorize it as an ideal honeymoon spot- just so picturesque that being there is reminiscent of a hazy wedding fairytale feeling. Do you disagree?

I’d categorize the way we spent our time in Santorini into 2 buckets:

Bucket 1: eating seafood and/or feta cheese and/or drinking wine
Bucket 2: gawking at beautiful scenery

Sooo really that equates to one super bucket: slothing about. And I’m more than ok with that. In the earlier parts of our trip we were super active, walking miles upon miles and even hitting the gym daily. We had filled our being-active-while-on-vacation quota and felt totally justified being slothful in Santorini. It was magical.

Bucket 1 evidence: Each day began with breakfast served on our hotel room balcony overlooking the caldera. Egg-white and feta omelettes, fruit, coffee, and bubbly. With a view to die for.

Oh hey caldera

More Bucket 1 evidence: One of our favorite meals out in Greece was at Nectar & Ambrosio, where (so the menu said) Giada from the Food Network had some sort of endorsement/love affair with a warm feta/fig/phyllo/honey/sesame seed appetizer. Obviously we had to get it. Conclusion: WOW. 1 credibility point awarded to Giada. We also got mounds of incredibly fresh octopus and shrimp, because that’s how we roll.

Warm feta with figs, honey, and sesame seeds. The picture is way too lame to do it justice.

octopus & lentils. YUM.

Bucket 2 evidence: Santorini is known for having one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. I kind of didn’t buy that at first. Logically, we’re talking about the same sun- no matter which point on the globe you’re on. But now I’m a believer. It’s really breathtaking.

In the hour or so preceding sunset each evening, tourists flock to the tip of the island, Oia, and stake claim of a space to sit and watch the show. People perch on building rooftops or ledges of some sort, settling in with a bottle of wine (so it’s really Bucket 1 and Bucket 2 combined) to watch the sunset en masse. By the time the sun is ready to descend, every waterfront space in Oia is spoken for. (It’s probably much more crowded in August- I’m so happy we went in the beginning of July!) The entire island just chills out and watches this:

Have you ever attended the Macy’s 4th of July fireworks show over the Hudson River in Manhattan? I’ve been a number of times and it’s a super cool experience overall. Well sunset in Santorini kind of gave me that same feeling, though a very toned down version of it. What essentially happens is that everyone in NYC flocks to the edges of the city to get an unobstructed view of the fireworks. It’s crazy crowded, and then when the show is over it’s a mass exodus back inland. You can get trampled if you’re not careful.

Being crafty New Yorkers who have this bit of insider knowledge, Hubs and I decided to sneakily abandon our waterfront perches 3 minutes before the sun disappeared, and effectively 1) beat every single other tourist to prime restaurant seating, and 2) got to calmly watch the mass exodus madness with a glass of wine in hand. (Again, bucket merge.) MOOHAHAHAHAH! We were so proud of our devious New Yorker selves.

silly tourists


So I loved Santorini. Loved it so much that I smooched its inanimate sea creatures.

As I mentioned once or 800 times, Santorini was an amazing place to visit. I also loved Mykonos. I also loved Istanbul. The trip was a big ole bag of love. That’s what a vacation should be, I think. There were so many more fabulous photos that I wanted to share, but mercifully saved you from drowning in our self-portrait montage. (I treat you so well.)  I hope you’ve enjoyed re-living the trip with me. And now, back to our regularly scheduled healthy living posts…after one last favorite photo. :)