July Foodie Penpals Reveal

It’s official. This month’s foodie penpals package was THE best. Really, the best. I loved (and by now have nearly finished off) every item. About half of that was due to the fact that I received and tore into the package after coming home from work famished one evening and have little to no willpower under those conditions. But the other half was due to Kyleigh’s (who is a reader from Seattle) awesome treat choices. I have such a sweet tooth and am always looking for healthy alternatives to swedish fish (YUM), and all my foodie penpals gifts fit that bill exactly. Here’s a shot of the goodies right before I mauled sampled them.

Included here were:

  • A Whole Foods reusable lunch bag + a reusable produce bag. Love the green mindedness of this add-in.
  • Apricot Kind Bar- I’m a huge Kind Bar fan, and the apricot one is actually my favorite flavor. Seriously, how did she know? Needless to say, this went straight into my mouth purse for a pre-workout snack.
  • Sun dried tomatoes- Perfect addition to my salads (yes, I’m the nerd who brings her own tupperwared salads to work every day) and also to my Shiritaki tofu noodle dinners.
  • Raw chocolate protein bar- I’m really excited to try this bar, but have been pleasure delaying. (Does anyone else do that?) Kyleigh said on her note that it’s her favorite bar, so I’m pretty darn sure I’m going to like it.
  • Freeze dried banana slices- These I did not pleasure delay with and tore right into. If you have a TJ’s nearby I definitely recommend picking them up. Truthfully, I never have before because they’re on a super high shelf and I’m so short that I never noticed them. Look up, fellow short peeps. There’s great stuff on the top shelves!

  • Oatmeal to go: Made in Oregon, which is close enough to Washington to count. I love the packaging, and with no added sugars it was a great healthy oops-I-forgot-to-make-my-overnight-oats-last-night breakfast.

  • Mango butter: I see this all the time at Trader Joe’s, but have never let myself indulge my sweet tooth enough to buy it- mostly out of fear that I’ll get addicted. Turns out the fear was justified. Really awesome with some nut butter on rice cakes.
  • And finally, dried pluot plums: Kyleigh picked these gems up from her farmer’s market. I think these were my favorite treat of the lot because 1) they tasted AMAZING, and 2) there’s an elephant on the packaging. Did I ever mention elephants are my favorite animal? Because they are.

Do you want to send and receive joy-inducing mail as well? If you’re interested in participating for July, just CLICK HERE by August 4th to join in the Foodie Penpals fun.

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