I heart NY

By | November 6, 2012

I have been circling a number of posts from overhead lately, intending to finish and publish them last week. But then last week happened, with all its hurricane force fury, and now anything health or fitness related seems downright trivial in comparison. Other bloggers and writers who experienced Hurricane Sandy first-hand have been able to string their thoughts together far better than I can here, and I’m impressed with their eloquence (per usual). However, as a newly minted San Franciscan, Hurricane Sandy has been a strange experience for me. And for once in my verbose life, I’m having trouble finding the right words, so I’ll go with a picture.

I keep getting comments from people about how lucky I am to have moved out of NYC when I did, since my apartment was located squarely in SoPo (South of Power). But I don’t. I’ve been glued to Twitter and every news outlet out there for information and signs of hope in New York and New Jersey. It’s hard to be a New Yorker and not live in New York right now. I’ve given monetarily to Red Cross relief efforts, but it still feels like a cop out. I want to be out there volunteering my time, donating my blankets, being a Helpful Harriet. But I’m many many many miles away. So instead, I’ll use my internet connection and my credit card to help house, warm, and feed people who have lost everything. You should too. Here are a few resources to help you out in that department:

New York and New Jersey are tough cookies They will rebuild. Let’s help em out, team.