November Foodie Penpals

By | November 30, 2012

After 2 months of not having a consistent address/life, I’m thrilled to report that  being all moved into our new apartment means that I got to participate in Foodie Penpals for the month of November. I missed being a part of the fun.

Luckily I was paired with an amazing penpal, Will, one of the most enthusiastic, friendly bloggers that I’ve ever met. Will is the author of Junior High Foodie. Also, he’s 12 years old. He wrote his note to me in pencil on lined 3-ring binder paper. It made me wish I was back in a place in my life where binders connoted textbooks and chalkboards rather than political jokes. (Resisting urge to make one here…) So Will’s correspondence was a breath of fresh air.

Will sent me:

  • Love Crunch granola. My first time trying the stuff. It’s addictive, man. Potentially even laced with crack.
  • Annie’s Party Mix. Demolished within a week.
  • Sassy Apple salsa. That name just makes me laugh.
  • 2 Soy Joy Bars. Great staples.
  • Organic spicy dark chocolate bar. Made with cayenne pepper and pumpkin seeds, this has some serious kick. Wow, one bite is all you need to satisfy a chocolate craving.
  • Organic powdered peanut butter. When Will first contacted me and asked if I had any special requests, I took the opportunity to make a plea for PB2, which I had easy access to at my old health food store in NYC, and which I cannot find ANYWHERE in the city of San Francisco. (If any SF readers know where I can find it, please drop a comment!) Anyway, awesome Will found something potentially even greater than PB2 – an organic version with similar calorie counts. THANK YOU, WILL! You’ve made me a happy camper.

If you haven’t already jumped on the Foodie Penpal bandwagon, December is a perfect time to do so. Rather than pairing people up to send each other treats this month, penpals are being asked to donate the $ they would have spent on a box of goodies to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Head over to Lindsay’s blog to get the deets. I LOVE this idea, as helping contribute to hurricane relief efforts from afar is a topic that’s near and dear to my Cali-based heart.

Happy December, all!