The one where I tell you my 2013 resolutions

By | January 3, 2013


Quirky factoid: I don’t normally do New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I usually make my resolutions/goals/whatevers in the fall during Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. It always made sense to me- because what else do you have to do while you sit in synagogue for days on end reflecting on your past year and what kind of person you want to be in the new one? It’s one of my favorite parts about being Jewish, even though I get that it’s not the norm.

This year things went a little haywire around the time of the High Holidays, since I was packing up my NYC life and moving across the country to SF. (No big deal.) So unfortunately I was more of a Frazzled Freida than an Introspective Ina during my annual attempt at meditation and didn’t quite get the resolutions job done. Now that I’m settled in my new coast, it seems like the perfect time to set some goals for the year. And (spoiler alert) since one of the goals is to be a better blogger, I’m going to start right now by writing ‘em down and publishing ‘em out.

Goal 1: (Duh.) Be a better blogger. I’m never going to be the type to post every day, but that’s fine. You really don’t want to read that many run-on sentences anyway. But I do want to be more consistent, because I actually love the writing process, I love talking about the health and fitness things I’m excited about, and most importantly, I love interacting with you. And on that note, I’ll fix up this bootleg website, because you deserve to read something that’s a bit more visually awesome.

Goal 2: Plan meals better. I’m kind of sick of cobbling together a kitchen sink salad and calling it dinner for 2. That’s fine for a day or so a week, but I want to make real meals come out of my kitchen on a regular basis. Step 1 of this was getting a Cuisinart. Nailed it. (Thanks Mom!) Next up: use it to prep foods I’ve bought in advance. I’m working on it.

Monster salad, you’re great, but I need more.

TRX is on the short list.

Goal 3: Figure out my gym situation. Since moving to SF I haven’t been enamored with the gyms and fitness studios that I’ve sampled thus far. (As part of Goal 1 I swear I’ll write about these soon.) That’s gotta change. The aggressive hunt for a regimen that I can be excited about is on.

Goal 4: Stop hating on my body. This is on my list every year. I just needs to stay as a reminder to myself and everyone who may be reading this that self-hate talk is a dumb waste of emotional energy. Keep exercising and keep your healthypantz on as much as possible. That is all.

Goal 5: Be Social! I’m in a new city and I want to keep exploring it with both new friends and dear old friends. The biggest challenge for me is to be social on weekdays, since I’m 85 years old and need my beauty rest. But I’m going to be proactive about this one, because a social Mariell is a happy Mariell. Nobody likes a crab-apple.

My favorite vineyard in Napa. I think I should spend more time here in 2013, don’t you?

Goal 6: Travel. This is a 2-part goal. Part 1 is focused on the west coast, which is AWESOME and I want to see/hike/drive/visit all of it. Northern Cali alone is going to take a long time to explore. Part 2 is the bigger travel goal: I want to go to Southeast Asia. Thailand is calling my name. I will go. And I will ride an elephant. And it will be so very cool.

6 feels like a good round number. I feel good about these goals. I feel good in general. Reflecting is fun! Yay for the new year! I hope you’re feeling similarly.

Ok, your turn. What’s on tap for you in 2013? I’m excited to hear! Ready set go.